The True foundation of our faith.

For many years many questions from

many individuals both secular and religious and many organizations have asked concerning the “faith paradox”…

Many responses have been raised with different standingpoints. Real Faith comprises alot of stuffs to deal with, people believe anything which according to them “has been long believed by our ancestors” but is that a real Faith? In coming articles will deal with that thoroughly, but today we will try to talk a little about Christianity. in christianity world, some believes in Deity with triune person while others believe the contrary, one God with one person. Let us deal with this matter before reaching far on the matter of faith in God, Is he triune God or Just One God with one person? here is the question for you.

Please I would like to hear from you first before Comparing this widely accepted viewpoint vs. Scarcely accepted viewpoint.

Here is the website which will help you as you prepare to respond on the question.

Also you may watch this video too.